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Cassini and ChartFX?

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I like to use Cassini


for web development. It is a localhost-only standalone ASP.NET server

from Microsoft. I find it easier to debug and especially profile my

application in Cassini vs. IIS, since it runs in a single user process.

However, I cannot get ChartFX to work properly when run in Cassini. The

ChartFX controls reference the /chartfx62 virtual directory. Since

Cassini hosts a single virtual directory, I define root "/" as my

virtual directory, and copy the /chartfx62 directory into my application


When I do this, I get a thumbnail image of my chart with the "Not for

production use." message. I am running ChartFX developer studio.

Is there a way to get ChartFX to work with a Cassini-hosted application?

It would be a great help.



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As you pointed out, Chart FX looks for the / chartfx62 folder. Since CASINI 

doesn't have virtual folders, what you can do is create a physical folder

with the same name then re-create the folder structure.

We are currently working in a new version of Chart FX (see our Web Site for

details) specifically for Visual Studio 2005. This version integrates

seamlessly with CASINI.



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