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Floating Point Exception when using CHART_HIDDEN points

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I am trying to clean up a few floating point exceptions that show up when

running a few graphs. One that I have managed to track down seems to happen

anytime I add a point to the graph using CHART_HIDDEN constant. Here is an

example of what I made using the ActiveX control (Cfx4032.ocx version in VC++...

... OnInitDialog()



m_pChartFX->OpenDataEx(COD_VALUES, 1, 2);

m_pChartFX->OpenDataEx(COD_XVALUES, 1,2);

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[0][0] = -7.765109; // this number can be anything

m_pChartFX->XValueEx[0][0] = -11.36509; // this number can be anything

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[0][1] = CHART_HIDDEN;

m_pChartFX->XValueEx[0][1] = CHART_HIDDEN;



return TRUE;


This seems very simple to me and something that I think people do all the

time, but it does throw a floating point exception in my test app as well as

in our target app. Please help!

Thanks in advance,


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Never assign CHART_HIDDEN to XValue like in:

m_pChartFX->XValueEx[0][1] = CHART_HIDDEN;

Simply assign ZERO or leave it untouched and set CHART_HIDDEN to the

corresponding X-Value:

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[0][1] = CHART_HIDDEN;

m_pChartFX->XValueEx[0][1] = 0;

Chart FX 5 is not prepared for CHART_HIDDEN to be passed anywhere but as a



Francisco Padron


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