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Erased realtime chart.

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Hi, everyone.

I am using ChartFX Client/Server and found some fatal error in the

realtime chart.

The error is that realtime chart flowing from right to left disappears after

5 or 10 minutes.

To see simply, I have posted the screen capture in the attachment.

It doesnot happens for every PC. Followings are the list of erroreous PC


1. OS : Windows XP with latest ServicePack 2.

2. Graphic card: ATI RADEON 9100 IGP and Geforce4 MX440 with AGP 8X

3. Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 (32Bit Color)

In most windows environment, the realtime chart works properly.

But we are suffering in the above environment.

We don't define any additional options for window version or graphics card


And there is no problem in the chart handling code.

Please let us know why it happens.

Our develpment environment is Visual C++ 6.0 and XP environment with latest

service pack.



Doohyun, Chi


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What seems to be happening here is that you reach a point where nothing fits 

in the chart.

Adding many points to a real-time chart causes a big "gap" to appear to the

left of the chart or the chart area disappears completely.

When using Real-Time charts, sometimes you will get a big "gap" to the right

of the chart area. Sometimes this area may be so big as to cover the whole

chart making it in fact invisible.

The problem is due to using CT_EVENSPACING.

CT_EVENSPACING is used in Real Time charts to optimize scroll speed but

forces each point to occupy the SAME amount of pixels, this may cause a gap

to the right of the chart as there might be space remaining. For example

if your available space is 200 pixels and you have 150 points, a 50 pixel

gap will appear. When the number of points exceeds the number of pixels

available, the chart will disappear.

Notice that number of points here refers to the number of <#B>visible<#/B>

points, if a scrollbar is present this is only the number of point in the

current view.

You can prevent this by NOT using CT_EVENSPACING, this will slow-down the

scrolling process, you can also provide a scrollbar to limit the number of

visible points.


Francisco Padron


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