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Need help/clarification with creating your own custom palette

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I have read the Q1371038 entry in the knowledgebase, but I am still very

confused. Ok so we have to use a structure of some kind, what do we do with

this structure? Do we need to pass this structure to chartfx in some way?

Do we have to have 49 colors or can we have fewer/more colors than that if

we want? Is the KB file somehow incomplete? Correct me if I am wrong but I

don't even see the closing brace for the palette struct. What exactly gets

put into the registry? Is it whatever you generate using this code? Please

clarify this example. I am VERY lost with the code here. I can follow the

structure that is listed there but after that I really have NO idea what to

do if I were to make my own structure like that. Thanks.


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