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PIE Charts does not draw

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I am using the ChartFX Client Server version of ChartFX. I have a problem,

whenever the pie chart has only one slice and it is 100%

or in other words the whole pie should be one color. This is a multiseries

one and there are multiple pies and if there is more

than one pie then the same thing happens when the pie is 100%

I do not see the pie drawn. This happens when I do Paint passing a device

context. The pie chart appears fine when I draw

it on the OCX instead.

//steps to draw the pie are same in both instances



Here are the steps

IChartFXPtr m_pChartFX;

BSTR bstrLic = GetLicenseKey();

IClassFactory2 *pFactory2;



if (SUCCEEDED(hr =


ry2,(LPVOID FAR *) &pFactory2)))


hr = pFactory2->CreateInstanceLic(NULL,NULL,IID_IUnknown,bstrLic,(LPVOID FAR

*) &pUnk);

if (SUCCEEDED(hr))


m_pChartFX = pUnk;





bRet = FALSE;





//draw the pie


int width = GetDeviceCaps((HDC)hdc,HORZRES);

int height = GetDeviceCaps((HDC)hdc,VERTRES);

RECT rect;

rect.left = width / 20 ;

rect.top = height / 20 ;

rect.right = width - rect.left;

rect.bottom = height - rect.top;


, 0);

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We are unable to reproduce this behavior.

I can create a Pie chart with just one value and it shows up just fine. Also

a Pie chart with several values but all of tem Zero except for one shows


The only case in which I get no Pie at all if that all values are zero. This

is by design.

Please turn on the data editor in the chart to verify your data. Attach a

screenshot if you still have a problem.



Software FX

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