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Multiple Series in chart

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I am trying to build a line chart with two series.  However, one of those

series only has values for some of the data points. The other series has

values for every data point. A sample of the data might look like this,

where the two series are Region1 and BaseRegion:

Qtr Region1 BaseRegion

1998-Q1 NULL 1000

1998-Q2 NULL 1028

1998-Q3 50 1026

1998-Q4 53 1030

However, when I try to chart this, I get zeros printed across the chart

instead of the lines (see attached). If I replace the NULL values with 0,

the chart will work, but that's not really displaying the data correctly.

Is there any way to do this?



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How are you passing the data to this chart ? If you use databinding NULL 

values will be taken as Hidden points.

What is that on the right side of the chart ? Looks like you took one of the

hidden values and try to print it as a string. Turn whatever that is on the

right off to get the chart.



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