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Com licensing issue repost

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Appologies for the repost, my old email address got picked up when I joined

the newsgroup, so I won't have got any replies to the earlier post. I tried

replying to the group myself but it didnt appear..........


I have purchased chart FX developer studio and plan to see which charts

we're likely to need before getting those versions for distriubtion, however

before I start I need some info regarding licensing. I read the text on

licensing regarding use in Com objects but the example was in C++ so I didnt

really understand it.

I'm using VB6 and I have been asked to implement charts in our software by

use of an OCX that we can call. i.e. An OCX with a few boolean options and

the ability to pass a recordset to the Chart FX control (any, but most

probably Client Server). Therefore we'd end up with our own OCX with Chart

FX's called from there, opposed to referencing Chart FX directly from our

product. I really hope that makes sense so far!

The thing that really concerns me is how licensing will work. What is to

stop someone using our control to use charts?

Personally i'd prefer to reference the Chart FX control directly, but i'm

not the boss, so.....

Firstly, is what i'm proposing in breach of any licensing regulations?

Secondly, how would I go about doing that? The only thing I can think of

would be to pass the license string from our main application into our Com

object, then into the Chart FX object - is this correct?

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm fine with programming standard exe

projects and dll files but i've never attempted a Com object before.


Phil Jeary

Education Direct

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As long as the license is included and validated in the Final EXE, there is 

no problem.

The easiest way to achieve this is to put a Chart FX chart into a form in

the final application, the chart may be hidden. After the first Chart

validates the license, other chart created in the same instance of the

application will be ok.



Software FX

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