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Discontinous lines when null values in ADO Recordset

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I'm using VC++.

I have a line graph with 3 series (lines) based on an ADO Recordset. The

lines are perfectly drawn except from when the recordset contains rows with

null values. In this case the lines are drawn discontinous, which is not


Because the chart has 3 series based on a multiple column recordset,

filtering the recordset is not an idea.

Any solutions to this problem?



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Null values translate to hiding points leaving gaps in the lines. This is by 


If you want to create an X/Y chart what you need to do is provide the

appropriate recordset.

For example if you have the following data:

Date Product A Product B

1/1/2004 10 100

1/2/2004 20 90

1/3/2004 30 <null>

1/4/2004 40 70

1/5/2004 <null> 60

1/6/2004 60 50

1/7/2004 70 <null>

1/8/2004 80 30

1/9/2004 <null> 20

1/10/2004 100 10

You need to transform it into:

Date Product A Date Product B

1/1/2004 10 1/1/2004 100

1/2/2004 20 1/2/2004 90

1/3/2004 30 1/4/2004 70

1/4/2004 40 1/5/2004 60

1/6/2004 60 1/6/2004 50

1/7/2004 70 1/8/2004 30

1/8/2004 80 1/9/2004 20

1/10/2004 100 1/10/2004 10

Note 1: Only certain chart types support X-Values, these are: Lines, Step,

Area, Curve, CurveArea, Scatter, Surface and Contour.

Note 2: If there was more <null> values in one product than in the other

simply complete the smaller column with <null> values at the end.



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