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Dear Jose,

First Answer:

I don't know what you mean by step 5 never appears.

I clearly see step 5 in your picture.

What I think you are talking about is that fact that Lanes Stochastics

Doesn't Show up.

This looks like a bug. But I don't know if you have the correct XML for the

Financial Wizard.

Either way the wizard screen looks much better now. And doesn't have this


But to get you up and running with that is not easy so I suggest waiting for

the next release.

It will not be too long for the new release whether it is Beta 2 or RC 1.

Second Answer:

The Beta1 was not shipped with the information you need to modify the

Category Bar.

The next release will have both an updated API and also an updated

Programmers Guide.

This will help you greatly in what you need.

But as a very quick synopsis

If you wanted to change the backcolor in the CategBar you would use this

line of code

finext.Gallery.Analytical.LegendBoxObj.BackColor = Color.Red;

There is also a Categories Collection there that will help you manipulate

the different placeholders.

As it stands there should be 4 Categories for :

Prices Studies, Technical Studies, Drawing Features, and Current Object

The Category Bar is quite configurable.

I suggest you experiment with the API a bit and if you get stuck you can ask


But I am hoping the new release will give you your biggest boost.

Hope this helps.

Happy New Year and Thank you for Choosing SoftwareFX



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