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Deployment problem with ChartFx Client Server

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we purchased a ChartFx client server license, and we developed an

application displaying charts by creating dinamically ChartFx charts. In

order to allow the application run on computers where ChartFx is *not*

installed, we followed the instructions in the ChartFx reference.

1) In the software we created an instance of the ChartFx OCX by passing the

licence string obtained using the utility Cfx98Info.exe

2) On the target computer we copied and registered (using regsvr32) the OCX

and all the required DLLs, in the correct order.

On some computers (chartfx runtime only) a test program works, however on

some others it does NOT(segmentation fault). We have read in the docs that

the ChartFx OCX requires OLE 2.2, but we have no idea of how to check which

ole version is installed on the computer (Windows 2000 professional), and we

have no idea of how to install OLE 2.2 in case that was the problem...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance.

Luca Oddi


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