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Rescaling Y-axis

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I am having a hard time making ChartFX client/server 5.0 automatically

rescale the Y-axis of my linegraph after I make one of the series invisible.

I've set Autoscale for the axis to TRUE, but nothing happens when I make a

series invisible. I can do RecalcScale, but this affects both the X-axis

and the Y-axis. I want to rescale the Y-axis only. I also tried OpendataEx

COD_RESETMINMAX, but this mysteriously moves, among others, the legend of

the X-axis to the top of the graph ??? What do you recommend to recalc the

Y-axis only when a series is made visible/invisible?

Thanks for your help.

Henk Borsje

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AutoScale = True

Only means that as you pass data to the chart the Axis Min and Max will be

adjusted. It does NOT mean to recalculate the scale right at that moment.

That is what RecalcScale does.

Unfortunately, there is no RecalcScale functionality in a per-axis basis.

You will have to write your own code to adjust only those axis you want, or

call RecalcScale and then revert back those axis that you want to leave




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