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Hi Everyone,

I am going to be developing a web-based reporting solution using ChartFX

and Coldfusion. I understand that for the production machine I will need

"Chart FX Internet Single Production Server License" priced at $1399.

But I don't quite understand what I will need for the development

machine since there seem to be two options there:

1. Chart FX Internet Test/Development Server License, priced at $759

2. Chart FX Developer Studio (which included Chart FX Internet), priced

at $299

Can someone explain the difference between the two options and whether I

could use the cheaper option, Chart FX Developer Studio, to set up and

use with a development server.



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The difference is this:

Chart FX Internet Test/Development Server License will allow you to develop

pages as have other people hit a test server for testing/demo purposes. So

you can build a "beta" version of your site and have some of your internal

users to hit it. So you can use it as a test/staging server.

Chart FX Developer Studio, is for development only. You can only hit the

pages from your local computer (localhost). Your users won't be able to see

the pages you develop unless they come physically to your computer.



Software FX

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