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min/max diagramm

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i search for a simple solution for the following problem:

based on an table with the structure (region, product, price) i want to

create a diagramm wich shows me the min and max prices of a product.

the x-axis should be group by the region and show every product with an own


is there a confortable solution for this problem? perhaps an other diagramm

style instead of the stacked 2d bars?



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i have attached one sample diagramm generate with the microsoft diagramm

object. you can see at one why we use now chart fx....

also i have attached an excel file with sample data.

thanks for your help

axel becker

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> Can you attach a screenshot of how you want to see this data plotted.


> --

> FP

> Software FX



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This is a regular bar chart.

The data you attached does not correspond to the charts I don't know how do

you want to plot that particular data.

In order for me to be able to tell for sure, you need to supply me with the

data you have and the chart you would like to see for THAT data. How do you

want to plot the Min and Max ? How do you want to group your data ? based on

what column ?

It looks like (and I'm just guessing here) you need the Crosstab data

provider. Check the documentation for details.

As for the totals, you will need to supply those as a separate column of




Software FX

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