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Error: -2147319779 - Automation error - Library not registered

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I've had reports from two users of this same error.  In both cases, the

error is occurring after a re-install of their Windows XP operating system.

In both cases, the program is starting OK. I think this indicates that

cfx4032.ocx is properly installed and registered (when I rename the oxc file

on my system, I get a different error as soon as the program starts).

But, in both cases when the program attempts to refresh the user's graph -

the Automation Error gets thrown.

I've had both users uninstall and reinstall the program, with no joy.

I suspect this error is indicating that some operating system dependency of

ChartFX is missing on their system.

Any ideas as to how to resolve this?

Gary G.

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"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Are you redistributing and registering sfxbar.dll to the same folder as

> cfx4032.dll ?

Yes - both files are included in my InstallShield setup. And both installed

to the same folder.


> Windows XP contains all of the requirements for Chart FX as far as system

> resources.


> --

> FP

> Software FX


I think I've solved this one. Apparently, when the customer reinstalled

Windows XP, it wiped out some of the registry entries for ChartFX.

Unfortunately, when reinstalling the software the InstallShield Express /

Windows Installer saw that the ChartFX files were installed in the proper

place and they were of the current version. So, it did not re-install them.

I had the customer manually delete the ChartFX files, and then re-install my

software. This forced the installer to re-install ChartFX (including

registering them), which resolved the problem.

This might have been exacerbated because I had marked the ChartFX files as

"Permanent" in Installshield. I did this so that I can provide the users

with smaller "update" installs, but it might have contributed to the


I was also using the "Extract COM Information" registration setting in

Installshield for the ChartFX files. While researching this issue, I saw

several threads in their forums that state that the "Self-registration"

setting is better (despite the fact that Installshield recommends the former

setting). I've changed to this new setting, which (I think) will force it

to self-register whenever it installs.


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