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Horizontal Bar Graph Problems

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I have a few problems that I cannot seem to solve on my own using ChartFX 

6.2 for ASP.NET,

My first chart is attached as Chart1.JPG

Notice that there is a green line on the 65-70 age group because there are

no females aged 65-70. There is also a blue line on the 31-44 age group. I

want to turn this off, how do I do this?

My second chart is attached as Chart2.JPG

I get this result by running a query against a SQL server database,

populating a datatable and assigning the datatable as the source of data for

my Chart. Notice that in the legend My Patients (blue) is above My Peers'

Patients (green), however in the horizontal bar graph (Gannt) the green is

above the blue! Is there a simple flag I can set to make sure that the bars

go in the same order as my legend. I'd like to continue to set the chart

source to the data table without doing everything manually.

Thank you for your help


Chart FX error.txt

Chart FX error.txt

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> My first chart is attached as Chart1.JPG ...

How did you make this green/blue lines ? You can just assign zero to the

value if there is zero persons in that group.

Can you turn on the data editor in this chart and attach an screenshot.

> My first chart is attached as Chart1.JPG

Simply set:

chart1.SerLegBoxObj.Flags |= LegendBoxFlag.Inverted;



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