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Trying to reimplement zoom with SetScrollView()

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I'm trying to reimplement the zoom method in manner to obtain an X-axis zoom

mode only.

By doing that I am using this approach:

- I import my chart data model (.CHD)

- I enter in zoom mode clicking on the zoom button

- after having drawn the zoom rect and so after having catched the

"PostPaint" signal, I simply call SetScrollView() method on Y-axis to set

the original stored axis limits. The behaviour expected is what I want. So

the chart graphical representation has only a horizontal scrollbar.

- but when I exit from the zoom mode, by toggling off the zoom button, I

obtain a chart that is completely different and deformed from the original

one. The horizontal scrollbar persist and the Y-axis label translate to the

rigth of the chart.

Is there a different approach to realize an hypotetical X-axis zoom mode?

Thanks in advance


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Unlike Zoom, SetScrollView() is a PERMANENT change, it will NOT be undone

when zoom is turned off.

I think what you want to do is Zoom instead of SetScrollView. The Zoom

method works similar to SetScrollView but it stores the current values so

than when ZoomOff is called they can be restored.



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