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Is there a way to specify a custom axis format so that I can get % signs to show up?

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Ok presently I set axis formats via the Format method by passing a string to

represent a format expression. Ex. "$#,##0;($#,##0)" for currency. What I

would like to do now is to specify a format mask that would output a

percentatge sign after the number when chart FX displays this particular #

on the particular axis. For some reason I cannot get the % sign to show up.

"#,##0$" works, but "#,##0%" does not. Why is this? I would prefer not to

use the default defines for the percentage because I feel that it is not

flexible enough for my tastes. Thank you for your help.


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You can specify to display the currency symbol ($) but you can not specify

to display any symbol (string) you want as part of the format.

The only way you can achieve this would be to capture the GetAxisLabel event

and append this custom symbol (%) to your labels.



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