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When LegendBox hides / shows, X-Axis looses Scroll Position

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When a user clicks the Hide / Show Legend button on my Chart FX chart, the

X-Axis scroll bar scrolls to the left, so the user looses the data that they

were looking at.

The same thing used to happen whenever the chart size changed due to window

resizing, but I fixed this by capturing the "Client Size Changed" event of

the Split Container's Panel that my chart resides on, and setting the Scroll

Bar position to what it used to be.

I am trying to figure out how to capture a LegendBox Visible Changed event

or other event that will allow me to set the Chart's Scroll position to what

it was before the LegendBox was shown / hidden.

I tried capturing the LegendBox's Visible Changed event like this:

Chart.LegendBox.VisibleChanged += new


but when the user clicks the Legend Show / Hide button the event handler is

never called.

How can I stop the X-Axis Scroll Bar Position from changing whenever the

user shows or hides the LegendBox? Is there an event I can handle? Or

maybe a property of the chart I can set? By the way, my chart is constantly

getting ticks drawn on it in real time, so I need a solution that is

different than catching every paint or invalidate event of my chart.


Brook Hunter

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I can not reproduce this behavior. I can show/hide the legend box and the 

scroll position is kept. Are you setting AxisX.AutoScroll = true ?

The only case in which the Scrollbar is affected by turning the legend box

on/off is when the scrollbar is near the end. If I remove the legend box, I

now have less scroll so the scroll position is adjusted (still at the end

but with a value lesser than before), if I turn the legend box back on, then

the scrollbar will not be at the end anymore. This behavior is common in

scrolling containers, like for instance Visual Studio.

As for knowing when the legend box is show/hidden you can capture the

InternalCommand event.


Francisco Padron


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