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Problem with viewing chart properties

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I'm having an unusual problem with Chart FX .  In one particular control

that we use Chart FX in (ChartFx 98) when a user tries to view the Chart FX

properties it crashes our app, or on my development machine, debugging in

Visual Basic, it doesn't crash, but when I try to view the properties, the

entire app blanks out for a second then either nothing happens (if you watch

closely the property pages appear then disappear quickly) or the property

pages come up but go directly to the Axes tab and when I click back on the

general and series tab they are completely blank. I can reproduce this with

a newly created chart with no code at all, and I can sometimes get it to

occur when trying to view the properties in the VB IDE at design time. Has

anyone ever experienced anything like this, or better yet know why its

happening? We use Chart FX in many other places in our software with no

trouble at all, but I can't see any differences in this control as opposed

to the ones that work. Thanks

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Thanks for the reply, I have made sure that all the dlls/ocxs are up to date of cfx4032.ocx, of SfxBar.dll, and of

AnnotateX.dll (we don't use cfx4032.dll), but the problem still occurs. Do

you have any other suggestions?

"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Check that your versions of Cfx4032.ocx and sfxbar.dll are in sync. To

> verify this go to our support site and go to the Service Pack download



> If you don't have the latest versions of either one of these, please

> download the latest SP.


> --

> FP

> Software FX



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