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viewing a specific number of days

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Yes, in scroll view.

Remember, some days may contain 24 points and others may contain more

points. I think I need to check how many days the user wants to display and

what day they want to start on and only plot those points. Then I could do

it without scroll view.

The user may only want to display one day worth of information and then they

may want to display all information. Giving them a text box to enter the

number of days will take care of this.

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> You mean is a scroll view ? If your chart is an X/Y plot, you do:


> chart.AxisX.SetScrollView(chart.AxisX.Min,chart.AxisX.Min+100);


> (this code assumes you have the latest ChartFX 6.2 for .NET)


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If this is an X/Y chart the number of points is irrelevant, the only thing

that matters is the X-Axis range.

If this is not an X/Y chart then yes, you will need to count as 100 days may

mean more or less points, the X-Axis in a non X/Y chart is categorical so,

the SetScrollView is based on number of points, for example:


Will display the first 100 points regardless of what time they're associated

with, if there is no X-Values the times are simply string labels that have

no value.



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