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SerLegBox + AutoSize problem

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I'm having problems with the AutoSize property for the series legend box.

Sometimes the legend box is automatically resized to fit the contents, and

sometimes - not.

I'm using the latest version of Chart FX Client Server DLL.

I have created a small sample app - see the attached zip (it's an MFC app

created under VC++ 6). Chart-related code is located in MyView.cpp.

The zip also includes a sample chart file, sample.chd.

Please perform the following steps to repeat the problems.

- Start the program. Its window's size is 800x600.

- Open sample.chd file

- The legend box at the bottom should contain 4 labels in a single row

(gregtest, pmntest99, sw-sys..., test2)

- Note the legend box has AutoSize = True

Everything is fine up to this point.

- However if you decrease the width of the window (say 2 times) you will see

that some labels just disappear from the legend box.

I would expect the legend box to be auto-resized to fit contents, i.e. it

should be 2 lines.

And this is the problem #1.

- Right click the legend box and turn AutoSize off.

- Right click again and turn AutoSize back on.

Now the legend box is "fixed", i.e. 2 lines as expected.

- However if you make the window wider again the legend's height will remain

2 lines though the labels are drawn as a single line.

And this is the problem #2.

- Again, right click the legend box and turn AutoSize off.

- Right click again and turn AutoSize back on.

The legend box is "fixed" again, i.e. a single line as expected.

- Now select File - Test Paint() menu item. This will open a new window with

its background 'painted' with a chart picture. The picture is created using

the Paint method.

- The legend box is wrong again as only 3 labels of 4 are shown.

This is the problem #3.

Is it a bug or a problem within the chart file?

How can I make the legend box display _all_ labels?

I mostly interested in the problem #3 with the Paint method because I have

found a solution for #1 and #2. My workaround is to call SizeToFit method on

WM_SIZE (though I believe the library must do this automatically).

However SizeToFit doesn't seem to help with the Paint method problem. Any


Thanks in advance,


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This is by design.

In Chart FX 5.x the legend box does not resize itself when the chart is


AutoSize means the legend will adjust its size when it is created using its


What you can do this in your OnSize method, you can call:


As a new feature in Chart FX 6.x, the legend is automatically resized when

the chart size changes.



Software FX

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Thanks. It's OK for me to call SizeToFit() in OnSize method.

But what about the Paint() method?

SizeToFit() doesn't seem to affect it.

For example, if I want to draw a chart image into a device context I do the


CDC dc; ...create/obtain DC here...

CRect rect; ...image rect...

(**) m_pChartFX->SerLegBoxObj->SizeToFit();



rect.left, rect.top, rect.right, rect.bottom,



Regardless of whether (**) line is present or not the produced image

contains an incomplete legend.

You can see this from my sample app. Just start it, open sample.chd and

select File - Test Paint() menu.

I' also attaching a screenshot.

How can I make the Paint() to draw the __full__ legend box?

Is there any setting for this?


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