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Converting number of hours to total Hours and minutes

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I have a graph to generate that shows the total number of minutes

accrued on a project for several different types of work. However, I

need to display the time in hours and minutes, not simply minutes by

themselves. Right now I have it calculated with hours totaled, and

minutes as a decimal value after the total hours (like 200.50 would be

200 hrs 30 minutes). The latter is how I would like it to display,

although I can't figure out a way of doing this in ChartFx.net. Any help

would be greatly appreciated.

- Nolan

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So you are charting Time Spans ? If so, we currently do not support

Time-Spans as an Axis format. We do support Date-Time. The difference is

that DateTime is ABSOLUTE, meaning the values you pass correspond to an

specific date and time (e.g. Jan 2, 2004 1240 pm).

The approach you took is fine, all you need to do now is to provide your own

formatting for the Axis labels and ToolTips. To do this use the GetAxisLabel

and GetTip events. These events allow you to take the string that is going

to be displayed and change it. For example:

chart1.AxisY.Style |= AxisStyle.Notify;

private void chart1_GetAxisLabel(object sender,

SoftwareFX.ChartFX.AxisLabelEventArgs e) {

if (e.Axis == chart1.AxisY) {

double value = double.Parse(e.Label);

e.Label = string.Format("{0} hrs {1} minutes",(int) value, (value -

(int) value)*60);



A similar approach can be used to customize the tooltips.

Note: All automatic steps, chart margins etc. will be calculated using the

original labels, is you are replacing the labels with strings that are

different in size you may want to have to manually set your margins and axis




Software FX

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