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Option "Stacked" in properties dialog

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Is you have only ONE axis why do cfx.Series(0).YAxis = AXIS_Y ?

This tell us that you want to set axis in a per-series basis. We don't go

checking whether all are the same or not, one you set axis in a per-series

basis we assume you are going to use more than one otherwise why would you

use this property.

To reset ALL series to have the same Y-Axis do:

cfx.Series(-1).YAxis = AXIS_Y



Software FX

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Dear SoftwareFx,

I'm trying to visualize 4 series, 2 of them associated with one Y axis, 2 of them associated with the other one. When trying to display those series after setting the Stacked property to True for all of them, the following image is rendered. Is there a way how I can do this?

Best regards,


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You need to stack them is two separate groups, sacking series on different

axis will produce unpredictable results.

For example:

chart.Series(0).Stacked = TRUE

chart.Series(1).Stacked = TRUE

chart.Series(2).Stacked = FALSE ' Breaks this series into a new group

chart.Series(3).Stacked = TRUE

Assuming series 0 and 1 are in one axis and series 2 and 3 are in the other,

this code will produce a chart with TWO side-by-side bars per point each of

these bars will be broken into two stacked segments.



Software FX, Inc.

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