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Large number of values on realtime charts

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I would like to drow realtime chart to about 3000 point

It works well when the number of points is not large (about 500 point)


When the number increases all the points are collected over eachother in one

point at the left

So How can I drow any number of points in one screen of realtime chart

without specifying the MaxValue, because the values are unlimited?


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When you set CTE_EVENSPACING, you are FORCING the distance between any two

consecutive points in the chart to be constant.

This may cause a remainder depending on the number of points and the size of

the chart.

For example, lets say you have 150 points in the chart and the chart is 200

pixels wide (drawing area), we have to chose 1 pixel as the separation

between points because the next integer (2) is too big, this cause a

remainder of 50 pixels. This is what you are seeing probably aggravated by

the number of points and size of your specific chart size.

You have two options:

1) Get rid of CTE_EVENSPACING (which is the default) this will slow down the

chart scrolling as different point pairs may have different separation

therefore the chart can not be scrolled as a "picture" but instead is has to

be repainted every time.

2) Find some chart sizes and buffer sizes (maybe adding scrolling) that will

minimize this remainder.



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