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improper curve

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I am getting chart of the data shown below. Chart is attached herewith.

I do not get correct chart as you compare chrt with data.

There is valley just before last point instead of it going upward in that


Based on data, chart should show uphill profile.

Any solution to correct this. Please reply.

Thank you in advance.

2/10/2004 0.695

2/9/2004 0.690

2/6/2004 0.690

2/5/2004 0.680

2/4/2004 0.680

2/3/2004 0.680

2/2/2004 0.675

1/30/2004 0.675

1/29/2004 0.670

1/28/2004 0.665

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This is what curve charts do. They smooth down the curve.

In your case you have some values that are flat. To smoothen the angles, the

curve has to go up and then down.

So while you data looks like the attached chart, a regular area chart. As

you can see there is some sharp angles when the data becomes flat, when you

display it as a curve, this angles get smoothen-out and you get what you




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