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why don't show scrollbar

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From: "Eli Misael Manjarrez Morales" <mmanjarrez@gemtel.com.mx>

Subject: why don't show scrollbar

Date: 27 de Enero de 2004 18:41

the following is the code that I use for creating a Char:

Dim Rate1, Rate2, Reporte, Choice, Name, Query

' Create object Chart FX

Set cfxIn = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

Set cfxOut = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

' Init object ChartFX

with cfxin


.ChartType = LINES

.Chart3D = False

.Scrollable = True

.ToolBar = True

.ToolBarObj.RemoveItems 2,9

.ToolBarObj.RemoveItems 1,13

.ToolBarObj.RemoveItems 2,17

end with

Set BackCmdList = cfxin.Commands(CFX_ID_CM_BACKGROUND)

with BackCmdList






end with

' General Settings

' cfxIn.TypeMask = &H6C80001& ' &H6880401&

cfxIn.Style = &HFF6FFFFB&

cfxIn.MarkerShape = 0

' Axis Settings

with cfxIn.Axis(0)

.TickMark = -32767

.Format = "#,##0"

.Max = Rate1

.Min = 0

.Step = .Max / 8

.Title = "Kbits"

end with

with cfxIn.Axis(2)

.TickMark = -32767

.Format = "hh:mm tt"

.Font.Name = Arial

.Font.Size = 6.5

.LabelAngle = 90

.Title = "Tiempo"

end with

... html code ...

... <%= cfxIn.GetHtmlTag(675,350) %>

what's wrong on this code, becuase the scroll bar on X axis don't show

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1) Are you generating an image or an ActiveX ? I can't tell by the code

because your GetHtmlData is set to "Auto".

If you are generating an image, no scrollbars will be available for obvious


2) How many points are you passing ? A scrollbar will appear only when there

is no space to display the points.



Software FX, Inc.

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