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Line Chart w/ two Series Not Overlaying

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I have a RS with three columns - Year, Week, and Value.  I am using the

following code with some success, but the two line charts are side by side

instead of on top of each other.

Here is my code, and I have attached a bmp of the problem.

Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

Dim cfx As New CfxDataAdo

Dim x As New CrosstabProvider

Set rs = GetAvgRTTrend

cfx.Resultset = rs

x.DataSource = cfx



x.DataType(2) = CTDT_VALUE

With fx

.GetExternalData x

End With



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This is caused by the CroosTab data provider. You are not defining the

Column Heading and Row Heading incorrectly.

Please contact our support dept. If you give them the structure of your data

and the result you want to get, they will be able to help you setup the

CrossTab data provider accordingly.



Software FX, Inc.

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