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Copy to Clipboard [Urgent]

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I am using the 'Copy To Clipboard' functionality built in the toolbar of the

ChartFx control.

I zoom in on the chart and then do a 'Copy To Cliboard As a bitmap' and then

paste it on a MS word document.

The bitmap copied is actually truncated. What we see in the chart view and

what we see in the word document don't match

Any pointers, help greatly appreciated.

I use ChartFx 98 in VB.


Vasudevan Belakavadi

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I have the exact same issue.

First time I hit "Copy as a Bitmap" or "Copy as a Metafile" and paste in Word for example I get a truncated chart like this:

http://picasaweb.google.com/mathieu.daigle/ChartFXScreenshots#5459266183805405378Then, second time I hit Copy and paste, I get the correct version like this:
De ChartFX Screenshots

 Note: Ignore the black portion in the title, it is only to protect some information.

 Do you have a better workaround than asking my users to hit copy twice?

I use: 7.0.3656.30235 which appears to be the latest.







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