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I have an ADO recordset set has three colums - Year, Quarter, and Sales

amount. I am looking to get a bar that groups the data by year, and then

puts the 4 quarters in 4 different bars. Something like this :

| |

| || | | ||

|||| | || ||||

2003 2002 2001

But after hours of experimenting, I cannot figure it out. I think I should

be looking at the CfxDataType, but I don't know. Can someone please give me

a hand with this? I am betting its really easy and I missed some sort of

easy readme.



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Thank you for your help.  I have discovered one more problem.  If my

recordset has 8 records inidicating 2 full years, everything works perfect.

But if I change my date range to only run from Q2 2002 to now, the first

quarter in 2003 is moved to the end of the year instead of showing first .

Here is an example.

If I run 1/1/02 to 12/31/03 I get:

Q12002 Q22002 Q32002 Q42002 Q12003 Q22003 Q32003 Q42003

But if I run 4/1/02 to 12/31/03 I get:

Q22002 Q32002 Q42002 Q22003 Q32003 Q42003 Q12003

I would hope to get:

Q22002 Q32002 Q42002 Q12003 Q22003 Q32003 Q42003

Any ideas? Here is my code (fx is the control):

Dim cfx As New CfxDataAdo

Dim x As New CrosstabProvider

Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

Set rs = GetAvgRespTimeChart(sDate, eDate) 'Returns proper recordset

cfx.Resultset = rs

x.DataSource = cfx



x.DataType(2) = CTDT_VALUE

fx.ClearData (CD_ALLDATA)

fx.GetExternalData x



"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> You need to use the Cross-Tab Data Provider. See the docs. for details.


> You want your Column Header to be the Quarter, your Row Header will be the

> Year and your Value will be the Sales.


> You need to order the Recorset by Year + Quarter before passing it to the

> cross-tab provider.


> --

> FP

> Software FX, Inc.



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