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Recalc Gap

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I see you all over the place.  I wonder if we are making the same type of

app ;-)

Josh Thomas

"Thorsten Blawatt" <thorsten.blawatt@syncos.com> wrote in message


> In the attachment you will find a sample which describes my problem.



> "Thorsten Blawatt" <thorsten.blawatt@syncos.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

> news:t0PubQimDHA.1244@WEBSERVER1...

> > Hi,

> > I'm using ChartFX ver. for VB. The angle of my X-Axis is 45

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You were in the right track, You nee to add the following to the beginning

of your code:

.ClearLegend (CHART_LEGEND)

.BottomGap = 1

The first line will reset the legends so that the BIG strings will not

influence the margins anymore, the second resets the gap. Chart FX 5.x will

NEVER decrease the gaps it will only increase them to fit new data.



Software FX, Inc.

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