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too wide Y2 axis labels area

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When CT_EVENSPACING is used, the right margin may be increased to

accommodate your points.

CT_EVENSPACING means that every pair of consecutive points will be separated

by exactly the same amount of pixels. This is needed for "fast" scrolling,

however, this will cause a remainder to appear. For example lets say you are

plotting 100 points and your chart area is 190 pixels wide. Each point will

be separated by 1 pixel because 2 pixels is too much (200), so there will be

a remainder of 90 pixels. This is the gap you are seeing.

You have two choices here:

1) Eliminate CT_EVENSPACING. This will make the charts scroll a little

slower and you will see more flickering but the remainder will be evenly

distributed among all the points so you wont have that extra space at the


2) Resize your chart to a size that is "friendly" to your number of points.



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