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Show unwated line on graph

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I have a recorset and would like to plot a graph but turned up t obe

unwanted graph. My recordset contain data from 1 Dec 2002 to 30 Dec 2002 and

from 3 Feb 2003 to 28 Feb 2003 exluding Jan 2003 data (please refer to

data.jpg). I used the OpenDataEx COD_VALUES and CloseData COD_XVALUES to

populate the data because sometimes the recordset contains NULL value.

For NULL value I set it to CHART_HIDDEN and all of that are working fine

except the graph show me a linear line from 31 Dec 2002 to 2 Feb 2003

(please refer to graph.jpg). In fact I want to get a good graph that

excluding Jan 2003 data as graph2.jpg.

For your information, Y Axis is double value and X Axis is Date format

Please help



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I already answered this question before. I don't understand why the

duplicate post. Here is my old answer:

> The only way to achieve this is that to SKIP the null values instead of

> setting it to the chart and use the date field as labels instead of

> X-Values.

> If you use the dates as X-Values, the distance between Dec and Feb WILL BE

> greater than the distance between Feb and Mar. If you use labels instead,

> the intrinsic value of the date is lost so the position is not affected by

> it.

Is there something here that you don't understand ?



Software FX, Inc.

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