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Data Editor Size & Scrollbars, Data Editor Value Mask & ToolTips

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I have the following questions about ChartFX Client Server:

1- I have the Data Editor at the bottom. I want it to have horizontal

scrollbar if needed, but I don't want vertical scrollbar. Can I ommit

vertical scrolling? If so, how could I set automatically the proper height

of the Data Editor? I have tried to call the 'SizeToFit' method, but it

doesn't work the way I want (it increases the height of the Data Editor, but

the new height is not enough and it still shows the Vertical Scrollbar)

2- I want the Data Editor not to show '0.00' values, and show an empty cell

instead. Is there any "edit mask" or something similar I could use?

3- Is there a way to prevent the "Plot Area" ToolTip text from showing? (I

still want the rest of the ToolTips to appear)

Thanks in advance.

Enrique Losada.

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1) SizeToFit does what you want but only to a certain point. The DataEditor

will never take more than 1/3 of the total chart area.

2) 0.00 is a value like any other. If you want to hide points, use

CHART_HIDDEN instead of 0.00.

3) You can capture the GetTip event and return an empty string in this case.



Software FX, Inc.

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