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Series Markers and 3D

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I have a 3D line graph that is giving me a bit of a problem.  The line isn't

solid across the entire graph or in other words their are null values in the

line. So sometimes this leaves a single point all on it's own. To

accomodate this I've made the markers a decent size so they are visible but

the problem is actually with the 3D depth. The marker sits on the front

edge of the 3D line while the actual value is plot on the back edge. So

when there is only a single point it actually looks like the marker is below

the value on the axis label because the marker doesn't extend backwards into

the 3D space.

I can't see any way to get around this. Any help would appreciated.


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I see the problem, and I have been thinking of a way to do this and

unfortunately I can't find one.

There is no property in Chart FX that will display the marker "behind" the

series, this indeed is quite complicated, as the order of drawing things

would need to change.

I will put this in the suggestion box but it is very unlikely that it will

be implemented in a service pack as it may require a big change (which we

don't do in service packs to avoid the introduction of new bugs). It could

be something we add in a later version of the product.

I know this is not the answer you were looking for, but it is the only one I

can give.

If it is only ONE point you want to have, you may considered creating a CUBE

chart instead of a SCATTER.



Software FX, Inc.

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