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Thread and ChartFX Client Server 5.1 with Visual C++ 6.0

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Hi everybody,

I would like to know if we can put a chartfx control in a thread because I

do so but I have a problem. The graph is plotting itself and then every

lines dissapears. Is there any issues with thread with ChartFX ? This is

what I've done to put chartFX in thread.

1. Put those lines in the .h file to create the thread

static UINT ThreadFunc(LPVOID pvParam);//thread function

CWinThread *pThread; //the thread

2. Create a structure in the .cpp file

struct ThreadDataTest


CTestSDIDoc *pDoc1; //pointer to the active document

HWND hWnd; //Pass CWnd objects by HWND

test *testPtr; //pointer to the dialog


3, Create the function ThreadFunc

UINT test::ThreadFunc(LPVOID pvParam)


ThreadDataTest *td = static_cast<ThreadDataTest *>(pvParam);


... //code to plot a graph

delete td; //free allocated memory for the structure

return 0;


4. Call the thread

ThreadDataTest *td = new ThreadDataTest;

td->pDoc1 = CTestSDIDoc::GetDoc();


td->testPtr=this;//this is the current object

pThread = AfxBeginThread(ThreadFunc,(LPVOID)td) ;//start the thread

In addition to this, I have created 2 chart with those lines in .h and .cpp

files CWnd m_ChartFX,m_ChartFX2; IChartFXPtr m_pChartFX,m_pChartFX2;

// ***CFX***

// Do not use class wizard to generate these. It will cause the generation

of unecesary classes DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_CHART1, m_ChartFX); if

(!pDX->m_bSaveAndValidate) // Link Chart FX pointer to control window

m_pChartFX = m_ChartFX.GetControlUnknown(); DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_CHART2,

m_ChartFX2); if (!pDX->m_bSaveAndValidate) // Link Chart FX pointer to

control window m_pChartFX2 = m_ChartFX2.GetControlUnknown(); // ***CFX***

Thanks a lot,


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Like most ActiveX controls, Chart FX threading model is Apartment. This

means that only ONE thread ca access ONE chart object (the thread that

created it), multiple threads can have pointer to different chart but you

CAN NOT interact with the same chart from two different threads.



Software FX, Inc.

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