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Series labels on bars?

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I'm using the trial version of the client server.  Don't see any entry for

PointLabelMask in the API for it. :-(

"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> What version of Chart FX are you using ?


> Depending on the version you may have a property called PointLabelMask


> you can use to control what's displayed in the points, this includes


> like the value, the series legend, the x-axis label, etc.


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> FP

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Looks like is missing from the help file in the trial, I'll check why,

anyways you can used it as follows:

chart.PointLabelMask = <string>

Where <string> can contain macros in the form of %* where "*" can be any of

the following:

l Shows X-Axis legend.

k Shows X-Axis Key legend.

s Shows Series Legend

x (lower case)Shows X-Value (XY Plots only)

X (upper case)Shows X-Value (All Charts - including those that don't

support X-values.)

i Shows IniValues (Gantt)

v Shows Data Value

v<n> For types that require more than one series, these are replaced by

the value of each one.

t Series Total (Sum of all points in this series)

p Percentage of total this point represents (Pie)

T Point Total (Sum of all series for this point)

P Percentage of total this series represents (Used in stacked charts).

Same as the TipMask property.



Software FX, Inc.

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