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Getting string properties using the DLL

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Hi softwarefx support team,

I now realize how awesome your product (Client-Server version) is. I use it

with Visual C++ 6.0 with the dll not the activeX. I'm having trouble getting

string properties like main Title and Axis Title. I looked at your knowledge

base article #Q1381049 but your code is not working at all. You made

mistakes on this one. Look:

The following example, shows how to get the Top Title:

char s[256]. *sp;

char *sp;

sp = s;


Note: The maximum string size in Chart FX is 256 characters including the

'\0' at the end.

char s[256]. *sp; (You can't compile that with a standard compiler without

having errors) Maybe, you want to say "char s[256], *sp;". After that, you

redefine *sp with char *sp;. On this line (

m_pChartFX->get_Title(CHART_TOPTIT,&sp);, I've got an error for &sp who is

not a short variable or something like that.

Can you give me more precision on this one or write me down some code on how

to do it ?

Thanks a lot,



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There is indeed a syntax error in the article (looks like a copy-paste

mistake), we will fix that.

However, the general idea of the article is correct, this is what you do to

get a string property using the DLL (simply remove the ".*sp" part).

If you want to SET a string property, then you simply do:

char *sp = "Your title";


(I hope I didn't make any typos this time !)

Notice that unlike the ActiveX, Chart FX DLL is not UNICODE and therefore it

expects single-byte strings.



Software FX, Inc.

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