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Scale problem + series

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Hi everyone,

I have some problem to adjust X and Y scale of my graph. If I have data only

on X from 30 to 44, the graph doesn't display from 30 to 44 but from 0 to 50

for example even if I use the ReCalcScale() method. Does anyone have this

problem too and know how to solve it ? (I'm using the dll with Visual C++


Another question, is there a way to plot a graph dynamically without knowing

the number of series to plot ? I explain myself, I read a custom file and

store it in a matrix then plot rows of the matrix but the matrix size

depends on the file. I use OpenDataEx() method but I don't see any option

like COD_UNKNOWN for the series.

Last question, where and how can I intercept internal commands to override

the file->open and file->save method of CHARTFX toolbar ?

Thank for your response,


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The default for all axis is ForceZero = True, which forces the Min to be

Zero even if your values are all greater than zero. This is done because the

majority of charts are this way.

To eliminate this behavior you can simply do:

ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_X).ForceZero = False

The 44 becoming 50 is the result of a rounding to produce "nice" numbers,

after doing the line above, this rounding will no longer occur.



Software FX, Inc.

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