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How to show legends in one column ?

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Normally the number of columns (if the legend is docked to the left or right

of the chart) depends on the available space and the number of labels (we do

have plans to let the programmer overwrite this specifying the number of

columns/rows in a future version of the product). If it seems incorrect

please post sample code and a picture of your chart.




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"Polaris" <etpolaris@hotmail.com> wrote in message


> In a bar chart, is there a way to force the legends to show in one column?


> Thanks in advance.



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If you are using Chart FX for .NET there is a property in the LegendBox

object called "DrawingArea" that when set to False extends the are available

to the legends hence increasing the number of legend that can fit into one


As JC said, the only way to be sure why you are getting more than one

column, is that you posted a picture of your chart.



Software FX, Inc.

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