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Question re stacked charts and YFrom values

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You can use them together but you have to understand how they work.

Stacked charts accumulate the values (the Y-Value not the YFrom) for each

series, so that the top of the second series is at the value of the second

series plus the value of the first.

When no IniValues (YFrom) are used, the bottom of each bar starts at the top

of the previous one.

If you use IniValues (YFrom) the top values keep accumulating just the same,

no difference, but the bottom of the bars are now determined by its

IniValue. Notice that IniValues are NOT accumulated so you can actually

assign IniValues that can overlap the previous bar.

If you want to control top and bottom values and not have them accumulate,

you can use a regular chart (not stacked). Using the cluster property will

give the same effect as a tacked chart (in 2D) without the values being

accumulated giving you the freedom to manipulate them any way you want.



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