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ChartFX Client Server, latest version and latest updates. VB 6 SP5.

The following has occurred on two Dell Inspiron 8200 Notebook Computers,

each with Windows XP Professional and Office XP Professional. Latest Service

Packs. We have 200+ client installs and none others have reported this



Computer Freezes and needs rebooting when the zooming ChartFX Chart

is used in quick succession to zoom into Scatter. Problem replicated in word

document with OLE Server Charts.

Tried Remedies:

1.Remove mouse and use touchpad. Still occured

2.Slow mouse sensitivity. Still occurred.

Other factors which may be relevant:

We use LButton_Up Event to identify whether at underlying point. If point is

one of a nominated series a form is displayed to show information about the

point otherwise point is ignored


Maxwell GeoServices

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The system you describe doesn't seem to be much different to many systems we

use (Dell Inspiron wit Windows XP)

We will need some detailed information on how to reproduce the problem.

The problem may happen only with your particular settings, so you need to

send us a binary chart file (created using the Export button) along with

step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug.

Please contact our support department if this matter is of urgency.

Thank you in advance.



Software FX, Inc.

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