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We've got a production web site that uses your chart for .net product, we

need to provide laptops for salesman on the road, for this we're being

required to setup the laptops with our demo product, the problem is that a

requirement is that the demo operates stand-alone (i.e. no internet).

For this we need to put IIS and our web app on the laptops, do we need to

buy a full production server license for each laptop or the trial version

will work here? I remember that the trial expired after some time but I'm

not sure. What should we use?



Eric Garza


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If you use Chart FX for .NET server in your product you would eventually

need to sign an OEM agreement that allows you to re-distribute Chart FX to

your clients, this OEM agreement usually has provisions for "demo systems".

The trial version does expire in 30 days.

Please contact our sales an licensing department for more information.



Software FX, Inc.

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