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pointlabels alignment

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I'm having trouble with the alignment of pointlabels.  As you can see in the

attached, the slice below May appears to have no label, and continues to be

mis-aligned below until December. Changing PointLabelAlign properties seems

to have no affect on my chart. The following code is what I've used to add

point labels when the chart type is pie:

cht.PointLabelsFont.Name = "Arial"

cht.PointLabelsFont.Size = 6

If (intNumPoints <> 0) Then

For intPoint = 0 To intNumPoints - 1

cht.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(intPoint) = ai_strData(intPoint,



End If

Also, is there an easy method of re-ordering slices, and consolidating small

slices below a threshold amount to an "Other" Slice?



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You are right. The PointLabelAlign property is not used in Pie charts, the

alignment of labels in Pie charts occurs automatically and varies among

different slices depending on their position and size.

In 3D Pie charts labels below the middle of the Pie are moved down as much

as the Pie thickness.

I'm afraid there is no API that will allow you to control the position of

these labels so I will have to suggest to either go to a 2D Pie chart or use

the legend box instead.

We have added a lot of new functionality for Pie charts in Chart FX 6 (for

.NET) including 3 types of labeling that eliminate the problem you are




Software FX, Inc.

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