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no data message on chart

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I have a vb app (v5 sp6) which is working fine, hooking into a database and

displaying charts. The app works fine on a variety of platforms (winnt, 2000

and xp). There is one m/c (xp) where it does not work. It uses the same

database (on a file server). I can open the database in access and see data

in tables. I use msflexgrid to display results before charting and can see

these in the grid. But when I hit the chart button, all I see is NO DATA

message where the chart should be. Bear in mind that this same app works on

other m/c's (including XP) with no problem at all. I'm not using any chartfx

data providers. Any ideas


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If you are not using any data provider then you are passing the data

point-by-point right ? using OpenDataEx and CloseData.

You will need to debug to see what your loop is getting from the database,

if you are the one reading from it, then the problem has to be in that piece

of code.



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