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Where is ICfxEvents defined?

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Where is ICfxEvents defined? I want to set an event handler in my MFC app so that I can work around some DataTip bugs.

Knowledge Base Q1381039 <http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/138/1/039.htm> gives a nice starting point, but that starting point won't compile if ICfxEvents isn't defined anywhere.

In my StdAfx.h, I #import chartfx:

#import "cfx4032.dll" no_namespace no_implementation

But when I search the generated cfx4032.tlh and cfx4032.tli, I don't see ICfxEvents defined anywhere. Without IID_ICfxEvents, it's kinda hard to implement the interface.


Zig Zichterman / zig at wildpackets.com

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