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Zero Values

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Yes, I can set the min and max values of the Y-axis.  This seems to work.

But when I don't get zero values, I don't want the min and max values I just

set. I could programmatically adjust the min and max values based on my

data. However, if I don't specify the min and max values and I pass in all

zero values, I think it should still display the graph, maybe with one

y-value of zero. Instead it just hangs indefinitely without an error

message. Why it hung was not obvious to me, it took me some time to figure

out what was wrong. I don't think this is appropriate behavior.

"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> What do you want to see in the Y-Axis ? If all values are zero, the Y-Axis

> would go from 0 to 0 so there would be no scale.


> It is really up to you what do you want to display in this case, you may


> the Y-Axis Min and Max to arbitrary values to make something show.


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> FP

> Software FX



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