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Would like to set the Y Axis FirstLabel to a decimal like 2.25, to ensure YAxis labels divisible by 0.25

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I have a chart with a numeric Y Axis for decimal numbers like "2.25" I am

currently setting the YAxis Step to a decimal number like 0.25.

The Step works great, except that sometimes, the first label prints like

"1.251456", instead of a number like "1.25". This makes ALL the Y-Axis

labels display as really long decimal numbers that are all 0.25 units apart

(1.251456, 1.501456, 1.751456, etc).

I want to make sure that every Y Axis label is a multiple of 0.25. I was

hoping I could set the AsixY.FirstLabel property to 2.25 or 2.5, but I see

that the FirstLabel property only supports integers.

How can I make sure that all Y-Axis labels are mulitples of 0.25?


Brook Hunter

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