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Trial of ChartFX failing...

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Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 14:14 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)

I emailed support@softwarefx.com

Subject: Trial of ChartFX failing... (1/1)

I attached some .BMPs to the original email

Any chance of a response please?

Help please!

I'm trying to discover if ChartFX is the product for us but am failing.

Essentially I'm trying to replicate the Example.bmp from our DOS system.

Using VFP6.0, ChartFX 5.1 trial, help file 26-Sep-01, as just received on


Using CONTOUR charts I can't get a vertical (our Y) axis to appear, see

Contour.bmp. With the code I've got we get no axes displayed!

Using SCATTER the markers obscure the axes, see Scatter.bmp

Also our work delayed by the following issues, in no particular order:

VFP example includes KeySer which is obsolete but the help on KeySer does

not point to the new way of doing this.

CHART_RECTMK in help for MarkerShape not found in cfxocx.prg

ALL not found in cfxocx.prg, when trying to change all series, help says:

"you can also use ALL to apply this property to the entire chart."

Can't find the correct size for the full XY markers as

.Axis(AXIS_Y).PixPerUnit returns 0

.Axis(AXIS_X).PixPerUnit returns 40

Code used is in Code.txt


Andy Patrick



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