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Chart resizing

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I'm trying to control the marker size in an XY plot because ChartFX does 

not scale it when the window is resized or printed (What You See is NOT

What You Get). Calls like

THIS.Axis(AXIS_Y).SetScrollView (THIS.Axis(AXIS_Y).Min,


followed by

lnXpix= THIS.Axis(AXIS_X).PixPerUnit

do not return the new value when the (VFP) code runs but work fine when

stepped in the debugger. I guess ChartFX is running asynchronously from

VFP.. So how can I ensure property values I read back are up to date

following method calls?


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Chart FX is not running asynchronously, but the calculation of PixPerUnit

occurs later when the chart is about to draw for performance reasons (the

current size is not necessarily the final size)

Property values can be read back immediately if they are set, in your case

you are not setting PixPerUnit you are calling another method

(SetScrollView) that affects PixPerUnit at a LATER time.

If you want these calculations to take place immediately, you can call




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