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question concerning gap widths

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I am just wondering if there is a way in chartfx client/server 5 to be able

to allow chartfx to reset the gap widths if I set them manually.

The problem that I have is with having chartfx draw itself into a passed in

device context via the Paint() method. I allow our uses to change the chart

type. If they change to a pie chart type I alter the gap widths in order to

have the pie chart take up all of the space available to it. The problem is

when I switch back to a bar or line chart and I have dates being output on

the x-axis( which is also display at an angle of roughly 45 degrees) the

dates seem like they write themselves out of the given device context. I

don't know what the previous gap widths were, and while I could store them

I'd prefer not to. Is there a way to have chartFX recalculate the

appropriate widths to display all of the data on the axes?

Thank you.

-Mac Dyer


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